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RCMP investigate suspected domestic incident

Police briefs: Drug use; phone scam and bike thefts figure in RCMP calls


Whistler RCMP was kept busy last week with multiple drug-possession arrests and a domestic incident that also involved drugs.

On May 11, officers were called to an alleged domestic dispute at a residence in the 4300-block of Northlands Boulevard after being alerted by a concerned neighbour to check an ongoing argument between a male and female who were allegedly high on cocaine and alcohol.

The 26-year-old Coquitlam male involved had spent the previous night in jail for being drunk and causing a disturbance. Whistler RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair said the man was released, returned to the rental unit and an argument ensued with a woman. The man broke a glass and a mirror and he was returned to jail and faces charges of mischief.

Phone scam reported

On May 13, a man came to the Whistler RCMP detachment after becoming suspicious about a phone scam. He had been contacted by someone claiming to be a Revenue Canada agent asking for funds.

"He apparently transferred $3,500 on iTunes Apple cards and he was suspicious and came to the detachment," said LeClair. The man went to the store where he purchased the iTunes cards after learning the cards don't take effect for 24 hours. RCMP is investigating.

Cocaine seized

On May 15, foot-patrol officers on Whistler Way noticed a man making motions consistent with snorting cocaine. Police seized a small plastic bag of .89 grams of cocaine. A 33-year-old Maple Ridge man was taken to jail with a promise to appear in court Aug. 17.

Also on the same night, foot-patrol officers approached two men who appeared to be using drugs. The substance tested positive as cocaine and a 24-year-old Maple Ridge man was released with a promise to appear in court. This male has no connection to the previously mentioned Maple Ridge suspect.

Woman arrested for drug possession

On May 16, a woman acting strangely was reported to Whistler RCMP near the 4300-block of Lorimer Road. Police arrived and observed the woman staggering in circles. The woman had a small bottle of liquid, bike tools and drug paraphernalia, plus prescription medicine with someone else's name on it. Officers took her to the Health Care Centre to have a doctor look at a bump on her head, and she was later released to her father, who picked her up. The 26-year-old Pemberton woman has a promise to appear in court for possession of GHB, Gamma HydroxyButyric Acid, also known as the date-rape drug.

Meanwhile, B.C.'s Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe has issued the latest drug-overdose statistics that show an 88-per-cent increase from the same period last year.

The number of overdoses to April 30 this year is 256, compared to 136 in the same period last year. Fentanyl was detected in 49 per cent of the drug-related deaths.

Bike thefts in the corridor

On May 16, a Pemberton resident reported a CRFR dirt bike stolen from the back of his truck some time between 10 p.m. on May 15 and 6 a.m. on May 16. Police said the bike is red and white and has a very large Monster Energy decal on the front. Police are investigating.

On April 28, three mountain bikes worth more than $5,000 were stolen from a complex in the 4300-block of Spearhead Drive in Whistler - a surveillance video shows three males cutting locks and carting the bikes away. On May 3, an Squamish RCMP officer arrested a suspect in possession of one of the mountain bikes.

"Three bikes were stolen from Whistler, and two from Squamish. One bike was recovered in Squamish - and four other bikes were recovered from residences in Squamish," said LeClair. Two men from Squamish, both 40 years old, are suspects in the case.

Le Clair said the search also turned up the bikes stolen from Squamish.


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