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RCMP following through with asphalt plant complaint



Cheakamus Crossing residents furious over the municipal handling of the nearby asphalt plant have now filed a complaint with the RCMP.

Last Thursday, a member of the No Asphalt Plant (NAP) committee went to the Whistler RCMP headquarters to meet with an officer about what he believes is an illegal use of money.

Tim Koshul thinks the $400,000 sum the Resort Municipality of Whistler has spent on legal fees has actually been used to help Alpine Paving Ltd.

And under the Community Charter and the Local Government Act, the municipality cannot give any monetary help to a business, explained Koshul.

"As I understand it, it would take a lot longer than what we have been dealing with to rack up this kind of legal bill," said Koshul about the nine-month long issue.

"I am concerned taxpayer dollars are being used to upgrade the plant or help him (owner Frank Silveri) with the rezoning."

Sgt. Shawn LeMay confirmed on Tuesday the RCMP received the complaint.

"We are looking into the matter," said LeMay, adding the complaint will be dealt with like any other.

"If there is merit to involve other investigations in support units, we would certainly consider that, but we are in no way suggesting that is the case here," he said when asked whether the file will be passed on to higher-level investigators.