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RCMP: few incidents at Whistler Olympic Plaza concerts

Incidents involve open alcohol and people smoking marijuana



Crowds at the recent concerts taking place at Whistler Olympic Plaza have been mostly well-behaved, according to Sergeant Shawn LeMay of the Whistler RCMP, although there have been a few incidents regarding open alcohol and people smoking marijuana during events that were promoted as family-friendly.

"It's unfortunate that people are smoking marijuana in what is decreed to be a family event, in an event where small kids are," he said. "It's unfortunate that families have to be exposed to the smoke."

Sgt. LeMay says people who choose to smoke marijuana should do it elsewhere to be respectful of other concert goers.

The RCMP will continue to have a presence at the outdoor venue through this Saturday's Kathleen Edwards/Sam Roberts concert, and a zero tolerance policy will be in effect.


Motorcyclist ticketed after tailing fire truck

A motorcyclist who decided to tail a fire truck at high speeds through two red lights was given a ticket for driving with undue care and attention on Wednesday, Aug. 17 after being intercepted by the RCMP.

According to the report, the RCMP received a complaint about the motorcycle from Whistler Fire Services as they raced south to attend an alarm in Function Junction. The motorcycle, recorded by the fire trucks' rear camera, tagged onto the truck for a joyride, following it at a high rate of speed down the highway and through traffic lights at Lake Placid and Bayshores.

The RCMP intercepted the motorcycle as it headed back north. A 35-year-old Whistler male was given the ticket.


Man arrested for bike theft

A Whistler man had his bike returned to him last week after identifying it in the "for sale" section of a mountain bike website.

The man contacted the police, who arrested a Vancouver man. They are continuing to investigate and hope to turn up other bikes or suspects in the recent rash of bike thefts.

Sergeant Shawn LeMay of the Whistler RCMP said the bike's owner was able to identify the bike through a few unique markings and then positively prove his ownership by providing the police with serial numbers. LeMay said the incident shows why bike owners should keep serial numbers safe with other important information, as well as a detailed description of their bikes.


Man charged after firing potato cannon

A man was arrested and charged with mischief on Aug. 19 after building a potato cannon and firing it from his deck on Alta Lake Road into the lake. Neighbours called the police, who attended and found the cannon and several males aged 22 to 24 from the Lower Mainland.

The male who built the cannon said he got the idea from a YouTube video, and police were satisfied that he never attempted to use it against people or property. However, the RCMP have contacted the individuals' strata, and believe that he may be fined as a result. The cannon uses Liquid Fire as a propellant and did pose a risk of injury and property damage.

The police seized and destroyed the cannon, and the male was released without criminal charges.


Friendly fight gets out of hand

Two friends engaged in a play fight that got out of hand at 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 20, with the fight spilling out onto Northlands Boulevard. The RCMP attended and broke up the battle as the men were trading punches.

One had a bleeding nose, and both refused medical treatment as they were arrested and brought into the RCMP detachment. The men told police that it was a play fight that got out of hand, and both were released in the morning without charges. A 28-year-old from Whistler and 30-year-old from Pemberton were involved.


Not-so-friendly fight results in fines

An RCMP patrol was on hand to quickly break up a fight involving two males and three females at the Taxi Loop in the early hours of Sunday morning.

According to the police report, a male and female were standing on the road and blocking a vehicle. The driver honked to get them to move, but the male and female would not budge. The two males exchanged rude gestures, at which point the pedestrian spat on the vehicle. The driver got out and a fistfight ensued, drawing in the females - one of whom was inadvertently punched by one of the males.

The RCMP witnessed the exchange and decided not to pursue any criminal charges, but both males - a 20 and 24-year-old from Whistler, were charged under nuisance bylaws.




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