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RCMP continues to investigate potential abductor



The Whistler RCMP is continuing to investigate a suspicious person who approached two young boys, aged six- and eight-years-old, outside a restaurant on Main Street in Whistler. The suspect asked the boys to come with him to "play in the woods."

They refused and the man, described as a white male in his 50s, called them a name and left without further confrontation.

The incident occurred at 7:40 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 29, said Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair of the Whistler RCMP.

"He yelled at them and left. Obviously, these child abductions are rare in Canada, especially stranger-on-stranger abductions, so we are putting it out to the public as a precaution. We remind everyone to know where your children are at all times," Leclair said in an interview.

The man was further described as balding with blond hair, wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. He has a medium build, approximately five-foot-10, and was clean-shaven. He was possibly wearing glasses.

Leclair added that officers conducted extensive foot and vehicle patrols in the village as soon as the complaint came in. No other incidents of the sort were reported.

Leclair shared the following safety tips:

• Be sure you know where your children are at all times and when they are supposed to return home.

• Never leave a small child alone — at home or in the car — even for just a few minutes.

• Explain that rides should never be accepted without consultation with the parent, even if the child knows the individual.

More safety tips are available at:

If anyone has information please call the Whistler detachment at 604-932-3044.

- Cathryn Atkinson

Police patrolling school zones

The first day of school on Tuesday resulted in a ticket to a driver for not obeying the lower speed limits — 30km/h — in school zones during school hours. Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair said officers will be conducting regular checks and patrols during the year to ensure people are obeying the signs.

"We were out in force, and we will be again," he said. "Our members were out at schools and will be for the rest of the school year. The members know that's a priority for us, enforcing safety in school zones."

Male arrested for punching bar staffer

A 25-year-old Delta male is facing charges of assault after punching a member of staff at a Whistler nightclub just after 1 a.m. on Sept. 1. According to the staffer, the male was being shoved and he was attempting to intervene on the man's behalf when the man turned on him. The staffer suffered a cut to his left cheek that took several stitches to close.

Suspect sought for indecent exposure

On Aug. 31 at 4:45 p.m. the RCMP was contacted regarding a male who was observed walking away from a Pemberton restaurant wearing a red t-shirt and see-through plastic pants — with no underwear underneath. The RCMP attended but could no locate the male.

A second report came in at 7:50 p.m. on Sept. 1 regarding what is believed to be the same male in the same pants walking along Oak Street in Pemberton. The male was observed getting into a vehicle.

The RCMP has a suspect in mind and continues to investigate, with the potential of filing charges for indecent exposures.

Mistaken identify leads to traffic crimes and arrest

On Aug. 31, a case of mistaken identity led to an arrest in Pemberton. The RCMP received a call at noon regarding an individual who was in a location where he had been forbidden to go as a result of his court-ordered conditions. The RCMP attended and discovered that the male was not in breach, but was actually the brother of another individual under a court order.

The male was upset after being stopped, and peeled onto the road, failing to yield for another vehicle before accelerating and turning right at a speed above the posted limit. Police followed, and the male drove up onto the curb and fled the scene.

The 25-year-old male now potentially faces charges of obstruction, failing to stop for police and driving without due care and attention.