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Armed robber causes stir


Customers to the North Shore Credit Union in the village got a surprise last week when they tried to get into the financial institution but found it locked down after an attempted robbery.

Around lunch time on Friday, April 15, a heavy set man in his 20s approached a teller and handed her a note demanding money and saying he was armed.

"He said he wanted money, but he didn’t want her to leave the wicket," said RCMP Cst. Devon Jones.

"She explained that she had to leave the wicket to get the money and, so it was a stalemate. He didn’t want her to leave the situation because he thought he would be in jeopardy if she did that. And she couldn’t do anything for him at that time so he left in frustration."

Once police were on scene they questioned everyone in the bank but the robber had been so discreet most people didn’t even notice a crime was going down.

Police spread out and searched the area but the suspect was long gone.

A forensics team was brought up from Vancouver to take fingerprints off the teller area and the robber’s note was seized for analysis.

Anyone with information can call 604-932-3044.

Automated bank machine hit

Thieves broke into an automated bank machine in the lobby of the Deer Lodge on Tuesday, making off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The theft happened at about 7 a.m. Vancouver RCMP Forensic Identification Section was called to examine the crime scene and assist the investigation.

There are no suspects yet but the investigation is continuing. RCMP note this is the second such incident at the same location within two weeks.

Sea to Sky Highway claims two more lives

A 41-year-old Lower Mainland man and a 48-year-old Lions Bay male resident were killed after a southbound truck crossed the centreline and hit their vehicle on March 31 at 6:09 a.m.

Squamish RCMP has not released names of the deceased yet. The driver of the southbound car, a 19-year-old Squamish male, was slightly injured and has already been released from hospital.

Police say there is no evidence of speeding or drugs and alcohol. The investigation is continuing with one likely explanation being that the driver of the southbound truck fell asleep at the wheel.

Youths face off in village

Whistler and Richmond youths faced off in the village over the weekend but by the time the RCMP arrived most had scattered. RCMP Cst. Devon Jones said there were no weapons evident and no charges were laid.

Three other assaults also took place over the weekend. In two incidents bouncers were spat on and in a third a woman pushed a male down the stairs.

On the roads two drivers were issued 24-hour suspensions for liquor and a 21-year-old male from Vancouver was arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle While Impaired. The male was released and will attend court in North Vancouver.

Suspect arrested

A 32-year-old Whistler man was arrested last weekend in the Telus Conference Centre at a World Ski and Snowboard Festival evening event.

Once in custody the RCMP undercover officers found 79 tabs of ecstasy and eight flaps of Crystal Meth.

The male was released and ordered to appear in court in North Vancouver at a later date.

Visitors scam hotel

Police are warning hotels and others to confirm the validity of credit card numbers and check signatures.

The warning comes in the wake of a couple racking up a six-night stay at a local hotel, then leaving without checking out. When the hotel tried to charge the stay to the credit card number left behind it found the number to be fraudulent.

The male scamster was described at 6’0’’ tall, 35 to 40 years old Caucasian with dark hair and homemade tattoos on his fingers and arms. The female was described as approximately 45 years old; 5’8" tall with bleach blonde hair and possibly a European accent.

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