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Rascalz Reload for a real good time



Who: Rascalz, with Bif Naked

What: Snow Scene Extreme Sports Series weekend

Where: Delta Whistler Ballroom

When: Saturday, Dec. 14

OK, so they’re back in the charts but better still for us, they’re back in Whistler. Yep, the original forefathers of West Coast hip hop, Rascalz, are reloaded, refocused and re-entering the mainstream rap race after a three-year absence.

MCs Red1, Fit, DJ Kemo and Bboys Dedos and Zebroc are bringing their hot hippin’ and hoppin’ show to town and anybody who hasn’t seen them, be warned: the floor doesn’t stop moving when these guys roll in.

The title of their new album is Reloaded and Fit explained why.

"We were there in the Canadian scene’s genesis but we took a break from the spotlight, you know. We still played around but didn’t have a single out, still people think you’re away from the game in some respects. With this album we want everyone to know we’ve regrouped, but we’ve still got work to do. We’re reloaded and ready to go."

And going they are. Firstly with the reggae-rhythmic, catchy melodic rap classic Crazy World, and secondly with their sexy salute to women, Movie Star. Both have been on high rotation in Canada for weeks following up with solid airplay in Europe too. And what about the U.S.? Rascalz have been called Canada’s biggest weapon in an invasion on the American hip hop scene. But the States can wait for now.

"It’s on top of everybody’s list for real, but for us it comes secondary to making good music," says Fit. "The U.S. would be for business not personal reasons and it’s a tough break getting notoriety. That’s why we decided to go to Europe first – Germany, France – and feel the vibe there, which will hopefully help the word in the U,S."

Fit said Reloaded is different to their successful 1997 album, Cash Crop .

"A lot of the new songs drive the spirit like One Shot, Movie Star, Crazy World. They’re upbeat. We want people to get our mindset. Which is to make sure we all have fun," he said.

Movie Star, is doing the rounds of MuchMusic as we speak. The lyrics give a good-sized nod to the female species.

"No disrespect to the ladies but they are really easy subject matter to put into poetry. Our words come from real life coupled with knowledge so that was easy to swallow, good to do," said Fit.

As is becoming the norm on hip-hop albums, there are a lot of collaborations in the Reloaded mix. Notch, Kardinal Offishall, Solitaire Checkmate, Mag-T of Grimmi Grimmi, K-OS and Toronto crew IR S, to name a few. But Fit is quick to dispel any rumours that it was all for marketing.

"It was not like we had lawyers or managers saying ‘do a song with them because they’re hot right now.’ The best way to describe it is the brethren laying tracks together. Kinship, we were hanging out in the studio like in real life and making magic together. The only one we hunted was Notch because we liked what he did and wanted to feel it, but everyone else was a case of friends we know and respect."

A joint ticket to see Rascalz, along with Bif Naked and LiveonRelease is $28.75. For bookings and more details, call 604-938-2769.