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Ralph Forsyth

Families first



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"It's really disheartening. How do you combat people saying, 'Ralph is an alcoholic,' or 'Ralph didn't finish high school,' or Ralph hired a bus to bring in drunks from Merlin's to vote in the last election?' It's ridiculous. The people who know me, know who I am."

Who is he?

He's a father of two boys and a husband - "All the kids' athletic ability comes from their mother (Stephanie). I liked to play sports but other than skiing there was nothing I was really good at growing up."

He's a Level 4 ski instructor and a Whistler Spirit Program trainer. For five years he managed Whistler's Fire and Ice shows that welcome visitors to the resort. He's written features for Pique over the years on a diverse range of subjects. He's served on the Whistler Advisory Planning Commission, the Whistler 2020 Advisory Committee, a resident housing task force, the Chamber of Commerce Service Strategy Committee and the Catholic Parish Finance Committee. He's the VP of public relations for the Whistler Toastmasters Club. He's a Freedom Writer for Amnesty International, writing letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience.

Since he was elected to council, he's served on committees including the Chamber of Commerce, Whistler Public Library Board, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee, Athletes Village Development Corporation, Whistler for Youth, Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE), and the Council Standing Committee on Human Resources.

His biggest concern is that people are listening to the off-side chatter, and ignoring the facts and his record. However, while he's been battling a strong offence online, he's also gaining big yardage in the social media battle. He now claims more Facebook friends than any other candidate by a long margin, as well as a larger following on Twitter, and endorsements are starting to come in from around the community.

"There are lots of good things (in my campaign), and I try to focus on them," he said. "The support I've gotten from my campaign team has been unbelievable, they're the coolest, smartest, hippest campaign team going. So that's been fantastic, and despite how negative everything seems to be getting my support continues to grow."

When asked who he sees as his political base, Forsyth doesn't miss a beat.

"If you've pushed a baby stroller in the last 10 years, or you going to in the next 10 years, I'm your guy," he said. "Families here are literally grinding it out. I think we're absolutely neglected.

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