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Ralph Forsyth to run for mayor

Two-term councillor coming prepared with priorities and goals to lead Whistler



Ralph Forsyth has confirmed what many in town have been speculating about for several months now: he is running for mayor in November's municipal election.

He admits to having butterflies in his stomach before finally making his decision public, realizing this is the stepping off point before several months of campaigning that could change his life significantly.

Forsyth is the first in Whistler to declare his intentions for the mayor's seat, though rumours are rife that others are mulling the decision too.

"It feels so compelling, so right to me, that now is the time, that it's of little consequence who the other candidates are," said a confident Forsyth.

"I have my plan. I have a vision for Whistler that I want to create and I'm moving forward with that."

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