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Rail losses in millions


BC Rail lost roughly one kilometre of track during the heavy storm that recently hit the Sea to Sky corridor.

The tracks have been damaged in three different spots along the line.

There is extensive damage at the Garibaldi region in the Cheakamus Canyon where the rail bed itself has completely disappeared.

"We have crews working there and they’re going to have to rebuild the rail bed and then the track," said Alan Dever, vice president of communications for BC Rail.

"In some cases, if there’s room, we can move the rail track over but in other cases we’re going to have some real difficulties rebuilding the track because we’re up against the rock face."

Another damaged spot is at the Rutherford Creek area where two rail spans are buckled.

"The rail bridges are (still) there because they’re extremely heavy," said Dever.

"What happened there was that the Rutherford Creek washed out all of the ground around the footings and collapsed the bridges."

The third spot is north of Pemberton on the way to D’Arcy where there is a washout across the tracks.

Three trains are also stuck in limbo on the tracks, one at Mons Crossing and the other two are further north on the tracks.

Dever sad the damage has been estimated in the millions but BC Rail did not have more exact numbers at this time.

With 80 to 100 people working on the repairs Dever said BC Rail hopes to have the problems fixed closer to the end of the month.

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