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Quotable quotes, memorable moments A look back at the year in entertainment pix and news chit-chat o January: "Except for resorts like Las Vegas, we are in a very unusual situation." — Whistler Resort Association president David Thomson about raising member fees. o February: "We were caught in the rental thing and we wanted to do something else with that money." — Why some people prefer to live in a van. o Early March: "I will never spend another penny in your pissant municipality." — Gold Bridge letter writer John Courchesne takes exception to Whistler council's view on forestry issues. o Mid March: "When you're super tired and need a break, the last thing you need is 100 locals staring at you like you're a monkey in a cage." — Cyclist Pierre Bouchard on: a)- being a Boot Ballet dancer; b)- being a white guy cycling through rural China; or c)- being a liftee at 9:30 a.m. of a holiday weekend. o Late March: "The arrangement previously announced by the company has become effective." — Lawyer's jabber to say the final "i"s have been dotted, and the "t"s crossed in the Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain merger. o April: "Obviously something is really wrong here. I'm a bit nervous about this whole thing." — Howe Sound Teachers Federation president Alex Miller on the scanty information provided, even through a Freedom of Information request, on the review of the school board's operations. Further FOI pressure would prove Miller's hunch correct. o May: "If you miss, you die. That's extreme." — Cyclist and Whistler's dude of dudes Paul Fournier on going downhill fast on a bike. o June: "Stop, back up slowly and talk quietly." — Black bear researcher Mike Allen not talking about picking up chicks at Garf's. o July: "The front of my shoes shrank from the heat and one of my toes went totally green." — Extreme runner Chloe Lanthier tells why running is so much fun. o Mid August: "I still feel cheated I don't own a flying car, … (and) I'm still waiting for clothes that never get dirty." Our Maxed Out columnist, G.D. Maxwell wants the future here already. o Mid-late August: "Hours before showtime, in a talent-less tissy, the idea to shave my fur-covered legs was born." — Social whirlwind Kristen Robinson reveals why she's one of Whistler's sexiest people. o Late August: "All this wealth and no real community centre, no skating rink and no pool." — The boom in housing developments throughout Pemberton leaves "a lot" to be desired for farmer Joe Ronayne. o Mid September: "It's the orange shag carpet logo." — Logo designer Alvin Wasserman slams Whistler's old "snowflake" logo in favour of the new "etch-a-sketch" version. o Mid-late September: "We just hope he'll buy us all lunch... in Maui!" — Said of realtor Errol Flynn's $1 million lottery win, by Windermere Sea to Sky Real Estate admin person Annette McCullock. o Late September: "This is not a normal community." — RCMP Staff Sgt. Frank Shedden about gorillas who try to sell drugs. o October: "The present surge in inventory creates an opportunity for the discerning buyer to have a greater choice and higher negotiating power." — Realtor Jill Jacques puts a spin on a winded Whistler real estate market. o November: "I think I've hiked the course more times than I've ever skied it." — A Weasel Worker puts building the World Cup course into perspective. o Early December: "It's bloody freezing, snows all year 'round and s'got loads of Moose." — Whistler as imagined in a Brit's mind. o Mid December: "Working with me is kind of like hugging a cactus." — Longhorn workaholic and Pique writer David Branigan on why we love him so.