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Quick Bites with Julian Wilson, assistant manager, Merlins



PQ: What’s your food/wine philosophy?

JW: Our philosophy is: cheap and fast; taking care of the locals 10 and 5 ($10 jugs and $5 burgers).

PQ: What’s the most important principle in cooking?

JW: Spices.

PQ: What food/drink should people be more open to trying?

JW: Fish and chips and imported beers.

PQ: One food you avoided as a child and now you love?

JW: Kidneys and liver.

PQ: Weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

JW: Uni.

PQ: Most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?

JW: Dan’s breakfast out fishing.

PQ: Exact moment you decided to become involved in the food and beverage industry?

JW: I was 15 and working as a dishwasher for an Italian restaurant. I slowly moved up the ladder. Now I have basically done every job in a restaurant except chef.

PQ: Most memorable meal you have ever served?

JW: Serving the stars of the world at the top of the world.

PQ: What’s your solution for a last minute meal?

JW: Three-minute noodles.

PQ: Greatest professional moment?

JW: Managing Merlin’s.

PQ: Do you dream of opening your own restaurant?

JW: Yes. A pub-style bar & grill.

PQ: Where would you go to eat, if you could go anywhere in the world?

JW: The Wigan Pier or Kypriaki’s.

PQ: How far have you traveled for a great meal?

JW: I have traveled across mountains.

PQ: What brought you to Whistler?

JW: The riding, the skiing and food and beverage.

PQ: Has Whistler opened up any doors for you?

JW: Whistler got me into management.

PQ: Where would you go for your last meal in Whistler?

JW: Kypriaki’s.

PQ: Who has been the most influential person on your career?

JW: Norm Strim.

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