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Quick Bites

Quick bites with: Ophra Buckman, cook, Cracked Pepper Catering



PQ: What’s your food/wine philosophy?

OB: Fresh, not overcooked, creative cuisine with a wine that suits your pallet.


PQ: One food you can’t live without?

OB: Fresh seafood.


PQ: One ingredient you can’t live without?

OB: Fresh ginger.


PQ: What food/drink should people be more open to trying?

OB: Ethnic cuisine; flavours you haven’t tried yet.


PQ: One food you avoided as a child and now you love?

OB: I always loved food. I never avoided anything.


PQ: Weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

OB: Jellyfish, a large rodent in Belize, alligator and fish heads.


PQ: Most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?

OB: My most recent memorable meal was on my 24 th wedding anniversary at the Rim Rock.


PQ: Exact moment you decided to become a cook?

OB: When I opened up Auntie Em’s & Eva trained me in the kitchen.


PQ: Most memorable meal you have ever served?

OB: A leg of lamb with fresh morel mushrooms that I picked myself.


PQ: Most interesting environment you’ve ever worked in.

OB: From the kitchen at North Arm Farm; it has the most beautiful view of Mt Currie and the gardens.


PQ: Best trend in food/restaurants?

OB: Locally grown fresh ingredients.


PQ: Worst trend in food/restaurants?

OB: Deep fried foods and masking flavours with too many sauces.


PQ: Greatest professional moment?

OB: Opening Auntie Em’s Kitchen.


PQ: Where would you go to eat, if you could go anywhere in the world?

OB: South of France, Italy and Greece.


PQ: What brought you to Whistler?

OB: My husband’s love of skiing.


PQ: Where would you go for your last meal in Whistler?

OB: The Edgewater, for the most romantic place in Whistler, or the Rim Rock.


PQ: Who has been the most influential person on your cooking/career?

OB: Firstly, my late mother-in-law and later my business partner, Eva.

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