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Quick Bites



Photo and text by Maureen Provencal

PQ: What’s the most important principle in bartending?

JP: Personality and understanding what your guests came in for.

PQ: What drink should people be more open to trying?

JP: These days I would go back in to old world wines.

PQ: Weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

JP: In Guatemala, a fermented rice milk. I don’t know if it was supposed to be fermented.

PQ: Most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?

JP: In Belize, having Yellowtail barbequed on the beach and served whole on a plate. For $5!

PQ: Exact moment you decided to become involved in the food & beverage industry?

JP: I wanted to be a bartender when I was in university. My first job was at the Longhorn as a busboy in ’94.

PQ: Most memorable drink you have ever served?

JP: I served Freddy from American Pie.

PQ: Most interesting environment you’ve ever worked in?

JP: At The Docks in Toronto. It’s the biggest club in North America, 13 acres with a 13,000 capacity. The dock itself, where sailboats can tie up, holds 3,000 people. There is a drive range, swing rides, nightclubs with lasers and a lot more. It’s so big that the owner drives around in a gas-powered scooter.

PQ: Greatest professional moment?

JP: Opening The Watershed Grill.

PQ: Where is the best eagle viewing spot?

JP: Right here beside us on the dyke. Great views from our patio!

PQ: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen at this location?

JP: A buck with a full set of antlers swimming down the river below the restaurant. Also, a bear that swam across the river and walked right along the patio in front of a bunch of us who had been watching it come across. The bear just ignored us.

PQ: Do you dream of opening your own restaurant?

JP: I dream of having my own private club.

PQ: Where would you go to eat, if you could go anywhere in the world?

JP: Ibiza in Spain for the dance clubs.

PQ: What brought you to Squamish?

JP: Space for my family and a new setting.

PQ: Where would you go for your last meal in this area?

JP: I would go to Ric’s Grill in Whistler.

PQ: Who has been the most influential person on your career?

JP: Dave Gilroy.