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Quick bites with

Philippe Roche


Head chef, Black’s Pub & Original Restaurante

Photos and questions by Maureen Provençal

PQ: What’s your food/wine philosophy?

PR: You have to learn to match the wine to the specific dishes of food.

PQ: One food you can’t live without?

PR: Shellfish.

PQ: One ingredient you can’t live without?

PR: Garlic.

PQ: What food/drink should people be more open to trying?

PR: Venison.

PQ: One food you avoided as a child and now love?

PR: Spinach.

PQ: Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

PR: Kangaroo and alligator.

PQ: Most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?

PR: I’ve had many memorable meals: at the Four Seasons in San Francisco, a seafood place in New Orleans, a three-star Michelin in the west part of France, to name a few.

PQ: Exact moment you decided to become a chef?

PR: Both my parents were in the industry. They owned a hotel, restaurant and lounge in Paris. I grew up in the industry.

PQ: What’s your solution for a last minute meal? PR: Go to the fridge and grab something easy. I always have a lot of food at home.

PQ: Best trend in food/restaurants?

PR: Mixing the different types of cuisine.

PQ: Worst trend in food/restaurants?

PR: Fast food.

PQ: Greatest professional moment?

PR: When I was the executive sous chef at the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto.

PQ: Where would you go for your last meal in Whistler?

PR: A nice barbecue at the top of Blackcomb Mountain in the winter.

PQ: What brought you to Whistler?

PR: The environment. I love the outdoors.

PQ: Who has been the most influential person on your cooking/career?

PR: The chef from my apprenticeship, Gerrard.