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Quick bites with

Bradley Murphy

Chef at Trattoria di Umberto


PQ: What’s your food philosophy?

BM: I subscribe to Umberto’s philosophy of clean, uncomplicated fresh food.

PQ: One food you can’t live without?

BM: Sushi.

PQ: Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

BM: Ants.

PQ: Where would you go to eat if you could go anywhere in the world?

BM: Tuscany.

PQ: Most memorable meal?

BM: Venison cooked by Ron Lammie.

PQ: Where would you go for your last meal in Whistler?

BM: The bar at Trattoria.

PQ: Greatest professional moment?

BM: Cooking for Umberto on the beautiful isle of Sonora.

PQ: Best trend in food/restaurants?

BM: Open kitchens.

PQ: Worst trend in food/restaurants?

BM: Small, pretentious proportions.

PQ: Personal hero?

BM: Chappalucci.