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Q and A: Fidel Ca$hflow



Whistler draws a unique collection of artists and local musicians and every so often Pique will spend some time catching up with who's out there.


This week's Q&A is with local DJ Fidel Ca$hflow (Phil Vienneau), which is either the most ridiculous or the most brilliant aliases of all time, depending on how you look at it.


Pique : So, who is Fidel Ca$hflow?

Fidel Ca$hflow : It's a name that actually (local DJ) Mike Grefner and I had come up with years ago and it just kind of stuck. It was a little bit of a joke and it just stuck.


Pique : Are you aware that there is another Fidel Cashflow?


FC : Yeah there is. I've heard that.


Pique : He's a rapper.


FC : Yeah, unfortunately. ( laughs)


Pique : Have you ever had any contact with him?


FC : No.


Pique : How would you resolve a dispute over names with this guy?


FC : (laughs) Um, jeez. That's a good question. I don't know. I'd have to battle him. To the death.


Pique : When did you decide to become a DJ?


FC : Um, that was about six years, seven years ago maybe?


Pique : And where'd this decision come from?


FC : We were just throwing shows back home and I just had the gear and it was sitting around collecting dust between shows basically so I just started doing a few (shows) and really enjoyed it.


Pique : Where's home?


FC : Red Deer, Alberta.


Pique : And how long have you been in Whistler?


FC : I've been here now, I think, it's my fourth season.

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