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Creative Visualization/Law of Attraction workshop empowers participants to discover and exercise their life passions



What: Creative Visualization/Law of Attraction

When: Thursday, Jan. 31, 7:30 p.m.

Where: The Oracle

Admission: $10

What if someone were to tell you that you were getting exactly what you want from life? Whether you like what you are getting or not?

Find out how to like more of what you are programming into life by discovering what beliefs you are putting out to the universe and how you can change them to make your life better in the Creative Visualization/Law of Attraction workshop hosted by Mitchell Soulfeather Chatham on Thursday, Jan. 31 at 7:30 p.m. at The Oracle.

"I want to give people the tools and awareness to create what they really want to create in their life," Soulfeather said. "We are constantly creating our reality by what we believe. I will help people to simply become aware of their beliefs and what these beliefs create."

Soulfeather has studied holistic healing for more than 14 years. He studied in Nelson, the Kootneys and Vancouver Island. Although he studied naka-ima, his spiritual approach is primarily rooted in shamanism. The fine arts student and painter also teaches creative visualization, which empowers people to use their thoughts and imagination to affect their outer environment.

So if you are feeling like a less than worthy person, guess what the universe is going to give you? According to the Law of Attraction, about as much as you think you deserve.

Soulfeather will help participants realize their purpose and passion, help clean out those goals or beliefs no longer serving their life, and equip students with practical tools that are easy and applicable to everyday living.

"I will give people simple tools that can make a big shift," he said.

Some of the tools explored in the class include Zen archery; childhood clues; first purpose: chop wood, carry water; and creative visualization – more famously known these days as The Law of Attraction.

No bow and arrow set will be necessary for the class. The Zen archery is all about visualizing and knowing your target, and having the ability to send your belief forward to a bull’s eye.

"It's the process of turning inward to knowing yourself. Once you know yourself, then you can become one with your actions and know what you want to do and how you want to do it," he said. "Through knowing ourselves, we make actions in tune with who we are."

One of the tricks to Zen archery is knowing when a bull’s eye has had its day.

"A lot of people carry old goals from their old belief system," he said. "You need to know when it's time to stop shooting at old goals."

One of the ways to discovering the need to create more current goals is by delving into Soulfeather's childhood clues technique.

"It's the simple question of what you liked to do as a kid," he said. "The child intuitively gravitates towards their purpose in this lifetime... It's very important to realize our very first dreams and visions, and who we are and our purpose."

Now once that purpose is discovered, it doesn't mean to sell your house, quit your job and move to a different city. This is where Soulfeather's "chop wood, carry water" philosophy kicks in.

"Our first purpose (is to look after ourselves): get the food and water we need to make sure our survival needs are met," he said. "Some people will let go of everything. Let go of a job, etc.

“It's more of a process. Don't quit the job. Before any spiritual pursuit, we have to feed ourselves."

Body, mind and spirit needs to be provided for and with tools such as the Law of Attraction in your arrow bag, and the thoughts chosen from places of purpose of passion, all three will enjoy an authentic and rewarding process.

The Creative Visualization/Law of Attraction class is almost sold out. Register well in advance by calling The Oracle at 604-905-0084.

The workshop is $10.

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