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Pushing back with paint

Lions Bay's Ann Hurst new work at MY Millennium Place art gallery



Canvas and paint: seemingly two-dimensional structures standing on their own. However, under the vision and creative hand of the artist, two-dimensional structures become a multi-dimensional experience.

"Being there, transporting yourself into the picture: I enjoy that experience," said impressionistic artist Ann Hurst.

"I am always trying to push the paint backwards into the canvas – right into the picture. It sounds ridiculous, but painting is like a piece of clay. It’s not just two-dimensional. You play with the whole thing."

The watercolours and acrylics of the Lions Bay artist will play out for the month of May at Scotia Creek Gallery at MY Millennium Place. Learn more about Hurst’s work by meeting her at an artist reception Sunday, May 7 from 4 to 8 p.m. at MY Place.

Hurst is no stranger to Whistler. The Denmark-native has skied Whistler’s peaks since 1970, when her husband was the director of marketing for Whistler Mountain. She describes her children as original ski scamps. Her art cards are also sold around town and she regularly participates in ArtWalk.

Many of her works depict her love of Whistler – the sky, the clouds, the trees, the mountains – photographs and memories coming together on canvas.

"I like it when people recognize a feeling or a place when they look at my work," Hurst said. "To engage them and take them back into a moment of time. I always think I accomplished something if people can recapture that experience."

Her paintings depict scenes from other locations around the Lower Mainland, Howe Sound and the Sea to Sky corridor as well.

The new grandmother is inspired by the activities she engages in with her children, grandchild and husband, such as skiing, boating and beach strolls.

Hurst’s new exhibit will include both acrylic and oil works.

"I switch between one and the other," she said. "I like oils because of the textures. I like watercolours because of its unpredictability. You let the water do its own thing."

For a preview of her work, visit www.firststreetgallery.com.