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provisional budget

A provisional budget adopted by Whistler council Monday shows no increase in taxes this year, but a final decision on whether to hold the line on taxes or not won’t be made until next month. Municipal staff and council will be holding a workshop to discuss the municipality’s long-term capital plan and to finalize the 1998 budget on Feb. 16. The provisional budget shows a 2.7 per cent increase for all departments, as prescribed by the annual adjustment formula, with the exception of police and planning & development. The police budget has increased nearly 40 per cent because the municipality is gradually assuming the cost of the detachment. The province provides funding for a police force up until a town’s population reaches 5,000. Once the population surpasses 5,000, according to the national census, the cost of the detachment is turned over to the municipality. Finance Director Ken Derpak noted that assessments for single family properties have increased roughly 22 per cent over last year but the mil rate will be adjusted so that taxes will likely not increase as much as assessments. The deadline for assessment appeals is Jan. 31.

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