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Provincial association looking for snowboarders


The B.C. Snowboard Association is looking for 16 enthusiastic snowboarders who are looking to crank things up a notch to join the provincial team this season.

The team will consist of up to eight snowboard cross racers and eight halfpipe riders. Training will take place at different locations in B.C., and perks include cheap accommodation, opportunities to travel, a Canada West Ski Areas Association pass, a Pacific Sport Bronze card, deals on equipment, the chance to train in different ski areas, and access to quality training with professional, certified coaches.

The first training camp of the season will take place at Mammoth in California at the end of November.

To be selected, entries have to meet the following criteria:

• Athlete rankings in FIS, Nor-Am, and national competitions, junior and senior, will be taken into consideration, but the selection committee has the right to recommend and select athletes by other means;

• From lowest to highest, competitions are ranked in the selection criteria from regional competitions, to national qualifiers, to provincial championships, to NorAm Cups to national championships.

• Athletes have to be in good standing with the B.C. Snowboard Association and to have competed in at least three recognized events to be considered. An athlete’s best three results in competition will be considered for eligibility.

If you are interested and believe you qualify, e-mail Jean-Francois Racine at with a short explanation of why you want to be part of the B.C. Snowboard Team.

The application deadline is Nov. 5.