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Province provides money for victim services program


Whistler will be receiving almost $40,000 to help establish a program for crime victims.

Attorney General Graeme Bowbrick announced Jan. 8 that money will go toward a RCMP-based victim service program, cost-shared with the municipality.

Whistler RCMP Staff Sgt. Hilton Haider asked the municipality to support the program last spring.

"Whistler is a strong community with a tradition of people helping people," Bowbrick said in a release. "This program is the first of its kind in Whistler, and means that crime victims no longer have to leave the community to get help."

There are 138 victim service programs across B.C.

"We’re making victims’ needs a priority in the province," Bowbrick said. "No one should be denied services because of where they live."

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