Janine Carney strives to help others achieve the Canadian dream.

“I immigrated to Canada myself which is how I became interested in working in the immigration profession,” says Janine Carney. “I think because of this I really understand what it means to people, becoming a permanent resident of a new country is life changing.”

Carney is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. Her services include federal and provincial permanent resident applications, sponsorship applications, citizenship and PR card renewal applications, temporary resident visas and extensions for visitors, workers and students, and restoration of status applications.

She knows what it’s like to search the world for a place to belong. Before finally choosing Canada as their permanent home, Carney and her spouse hadn’t lived in their birthland of the United Kingdom for 30 years. Instead, they found themselves living and working in South Africa, the U.S., Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Like her clients, the couple strongly identified with Canadian values and felt it was a perfect spot to call home.

“Canada is generally very liberal – while lots of other countries don’t feel this way, Canada recognizes that immigration and a diverse society is a positive thing,” says Carney.

There are 80 different ways for people to immigrate to Canada and part of Carney’s job is helping people to determine which program is right for them—and then monitor for program changes.

“Immigration professionals are on the pulse of these changes, which happen without notice and on a regular basis, which is why it is important to hire a professional,” she says, noting applicants could be railroaded otherwise.

“If you think you would like to stay in Canada beyond the expiry of your work permit, get professional immigration advice early, there are things you can do which could help your application.”

Whatever you do, don’t turn to strangers on the Internet, she warns.

“A lot of people go to Facebook with their immigration questions, but there’s so much misinformation out there which could adversely affect an application; immigration is highly nuanced and what works for one may not work for another,” she says. “For something so important to your future, it’s worth getting the right advice.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Janine Carney for more information, head to her website, email, or give her a call at 604-849-6086.