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Problem bear killed in Whistler Cay

Tally of four bears killed in last two weeks



Conservation officers are urging Whistler residents to take more care closing windows and securing doors after destroying another bear this week.

On Sunday, the conservation office was called after a young bear entered two homes in Whistler Cay to get to food, even with the residents home.

"It was ruled a huge public safety risk and we had to destroy the bear," said conservation officer Brittany Mueller. "It was a two-year-old female."

That was the second bear killed in as many weeks in Whistler, after a bear was killed after entering staff housing at Base II. As well, a bear that broke into a tent at Calcheak was destroyed the previous week by the conservation office, in addition to a particularly aggressive bear that temporarily shut down the camping area at Strawberry Point.

On Aug. 2, a yearling bear was killed by a vehicle on Duffey Lake Road.

"We're getting lots of sightings," said Mueller. "The bears are out and about, and it's a reminder to residents to ensure that they close windows and doors when they're not home and not to leave anything outside for the bears. It's quite busy (for calls) in Whistler right now."