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Pro Photo Showdown: The Rundown

Let's take a look at who these photographers really are, shall we?



It's no secret that Whistler loves its action sport photography. The Olympus Pro Photo Showdown has been selling out consistently for years — including this year, when it sold out in only one week. This means that a whole lot of people reading this will want to go to this year's event on Thursday, April 19, and can't. That's a shame, it truly is. With this in mind, Pique is offering you a glimpse into the minds of this year's photographers, as well as a (very, very) small taste of the spectacular, awe-inspiring photographs that will make this year's edition so amazingly awesome and the greatest not-to-be-missed event that most of you will miss.

Adam Moran

Photographers are busy people, you can understand, so we can forgive Adam Moran for not putting all his effort into his application slideshow for this year's event.

"I just kind of threw it out there thinking, 'Ah, maybe we'll see if this goes' or whatnot," the California-based photographer says. "And when I got the call saying that I was a finalist, it was kind of like, 'Aw man, now I have put a ton of work into a nine minute show. And it's the busiest time of year for me."

But naturally he wants to win this thing, so he's worked hard to narrow his slideshow down to his most impressive shots from the last five years for his first-ever appearance at the Pro Photo Showdown. He calls himself "a one-percenter" just for the privilege of being accepted in the first place. "I'd still be doing this if I wasn't getting paid," he says. "I'd still love to be out there snowboarding and I'd still like to be out there shooting photos."