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Private developer proposes 'ultra high density' employee housing project in Alpine

Rezoning application proposes 690 accommodation units


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UPDATE: We hope you enjoyed this year's April Fool's story! Stay tuned for next year's to see what projects the beloved Pené Esposti will insert himself into next.


A private developer from Japan is hoping to bring a taste of the Far East to Whistler.

A development application at municipal hall seeks to add 690 "Japanese-style" accommodation units in Alpine Meadows.

Each unit is the size of a small cupboard with just enough room for occupants to stretch out and sleep. The application proposes more than 100 units per floor, with shared bathroom and kitchen space for all residents on the third floor.

There is no mention of parking in the application.

The contact listed on the application is ファックされた近所 (or Fakkusa Retakinjo)—a Japanese businessman acclaimed in his home country for helping to house hundreds of thousands of students and young professionals in a handful of Tokyo developments.

Asked for comment, Retakinjo sent an emailed statement.

"I have long contemplated this project, and thanks to the Resort Municipality of Whistler's housing task force it may finally become a reality," Retakinjo wrote.

"I believe all skiers deserve a place to sleep."

Retakinjo said he could not commit to rental rates at this time, but said he would be seeking a solid return on his investment in line with similar proposals from private developers.

The project is proposed for a plot of land just off Alta Lake Road at the west end of Alpine. A new street would be created for the development's address: 040118 Springbluff Drive.

Partnering with Retakinjo on the project is Pené Esposti, coordinator of Whistler's beloved Cheekside Naturist Festival and longtime member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists.

Esposti said one condition of his involvement was that the common room be clothes optional and that his three adult sons each have first dibs on the toilet each morning.

"Ano, Pubico and Palle Esposti are all fine men and the young skiers of Whistler should not be nervous around their exposed genitals," Esposti said.

"I am very excited to be partnering with my longtime friend on this project. It seems like just yesterday we hit it off at an all-nude Buddhist retreat in the high ranges of Mount Fuji after I accidentally touched his quiche."

The project is set to be deliberated by staff on April 1—April Fool's Day.


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