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Precious art up for auction at Re-Use-It Centre

Highest bidders will take three unique donated works of art


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The number of fine art galleries in Whistler just grew by one as the Re-Use-It Centre is now in the fine art business.

The centre in Function Junction is currently marketing three rare pieces of art by accomplished artists. The works of art were all anonymously donated to the centre and the manager of the store said she wants Whistler residents to have the first chance to purchase the collector pieces.

Cheryl Skribe said she recently did some research into the artists who created the three pieces brought to the centre and found that each of the artists are well known and when their works are available for purchase their pieces sell for thousands of dollars.

“There’s some magic in the Re-Use-It Centre,” Skribe said. “Since I took over it has been one exciting adventure after another.”

This adventure features art works by Rie Munoz, Clare Bice and Anthony Quinn.

According to Skribe, the Bice piece is part of Canadian art history.

“The Clare Bice, we have that down as a $500 or $600 minimum but I think that’s the most exciting of the three because its an original and it’s a Canadian artist,” said Skribe. “His stuff is being sold all over the world.”

Based on her research she said she believes the market value of the piece could be greater than $1,600.

Bice died in 1976 and in his life he was a curator along with being an author and illustrator of children’s books. He was made a member of the Order of Canada in 1973 for his contribution to the arts.

“The one from Anthony Quinn came in about a month and a half ago,” Skribe said.

The piece by Quinn is an abstract painting done for the United Nations as a limited edition lithograph. It is numbered 427 of 1,000 prints and the print is signed.

The Munoz print is called Downhill Skiers and Skribe’s research determined it is valued the highest of the three.

There’s more information and photos of each piece of art at the Re-Use-It Centre’s auction page at


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