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Praise for Salzburg bid sounds familiar



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"We had a great day in Kitzbuehel, even testing the snow," Heiberg told Associated Press.

"The resort could become an asset for the Salzburg bid. It has a great name, a great setting and is a fantastic sport resort."

Schuen said Salzburg was pleased with the team’s response.

"At the last press briefing the commission itself said there are three pillars of the Winter Games," he said.

"The first one is sports and they told us we had the best venues in the world, the second was culture and they said we are second to nobody, and the third was the environmental aspect and they said it was (excellent).

"We think that Salzburg and the regions live the three pillars of sport. Winter sports, culture and the environment are part of daily life anyway so it would be for us natural to combine the three.

"It seems that we have shown them how we would like to do that and it seems that they have got it."

Salzburg bid chief, Egon Winkler, told Reuters he considers the bid particularly strong when it comes to the technical side. All the venues can be reached within an hour using a sprawling road and rail network and the majority of necessary facilities already exist.

Salzburg, where one in every three residents are employed directly or indirectly in tourism, has to build four ice rinks, the Olympic Village and the site for the opening and closing ceremonies to host the event.

If Salzburg won the bid to host the 2010 Games it would be the first time the Games would be held in more than one country at once: Salzburg has opted to hold the luge and bobsleigh events in Koenigssee in the German state of Bavaria.