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Front Line features new Norway footage; I Know What You Did Last Winter features local action

Ski Movie 3: The Front Line holds the promise of adventure.

And it should, with the first-ever heli-skiing footage shot at the Lyngen Alps in Norway.

"We did obtain a permit in 2000, but they were having their worst year (in terms of heavy snowfall and safe access) since 1920," says Tom Ericson.

"We didn’t have a chance to go back until this year."

Whistler-based Ericson was principal director of photography for the film’s Canadian locations as well as the Haynes, Alaska footage.

A Norwegian colleague was able to assist the team at Matchstick Productions with obtaining the permit, says co-director Murray Wais.

Of making The Front Line, Wais says: "I think this year was one of the more difficult challenges.

"There was lots of filming in B.C. and on location, with a lot of (exceptionally strong) winds."

The film, which premiered in Nevada on Sept. 14, is directed by Scott Gaffney and Steve Winter.

Matchstick Productions produces an average of one ski film per year out of their office in Crested Butte, Colorado.

The movie dubbed "the most progressive ski footage to date" is on tour through 85 cities this year.

Highlights include Seth Morrison’s "corked 720" off of an 80-foot cliff, as well as snowmobiler Jay Quinlan on his portable launch ramp.

For the film, the production team followed athletes Shane McConkey, Wendy Fisher, and C.R. Johnson around the world.

Athletes Tanner Hall, Candide Thovex, Evan Raps, Stian Hagen, Whistlerites Hugo Harrison and Mike Douglas, and Pep Fujas are featured.

Matchstick Productions will release three additional films this season: The Seth Morrison Chronicles, Immersion, a film by Scott Gaffney, and a new mountain biking film, Disorder III.

For more information, log on to www.skimovie.com.

Meanwhile where there’s good powder, there’s good sledding.

A new film, Roops of Hazard 4 — I Know What You Did Last Winter, debuts Sept. 15 at Garfinkel’s.

"What you see is real riding: camera or no camera these crazy riders push their riding to the limits," reads the headliner of the home page for Dave Craig Films, a local adventure film company.

Roops offers tricks of the trade and flashy shots for snowmobile fans and interested first-timers.

("Roop" is sled lingo for "ride," as in "let’s go rooping.")

And they do crazy things on snowmobiles these days.

"Someone did a backflip last year, which was pretty amazing," says Craig.

He says this film, the fourth in a series he has produced, "highlights the valley’s most talented snowmobilers, and the epic backdrops that are the Whistler backcountry."

Craig has produced another sled film slated for releases this year, titled Heavy Metal.

"It’s aimed at the older snowmobile crowd, with more freeriding and less jumps," says Craig.

For info and tickets call Garfinkel’s at 604-932-2323 or Dave Craig at 604-935-2401. For more information about the film log on to www.roopsofhazard.com.

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