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The Resort Municipality of Whistler made the Ministry of Environment’s latest non-compliance report, but it was for the soon-to-be replaced Emerald Estates sewage treatement plant, rather than the main wastewater treatment centre. The latest non-compliance report, is for the period Oct. 1, 1995 to March 31, 1996. The report noted sewage at the Emerald plant exceeded permit levels in a number of categories 50 per cent of the time during the reporting period. However, the report noted that the Emerald discharge is to be connected to the main municipal wastewater system by the end of the year. In the interim, ministry and municipal staff are working toward a strategy to resolve the non-compliance. Only a few of the houses in Emerald use the out-dated sewage treatment plant there. Most of the houses have septic fields or holding tanks. The sewer line and valley trail are being extended to Emerald. Only those houses currently using the Emerald treatment plant will be hooked up to the main sewer line immediately. The remainder of the homes will be connected in future years. Action Holdings Ltd. of Whistler, operators of an asphalt plant, was also cited in the report, for failure to submit a monitoring report.