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RCMP find missing Whistler man

A 49-year-old Whistler man who had been reported missing for almost a week was found on his apartment floor suffering from liver failure on Sat. Oct. 12.

Willi Alfred Kellermann, a self-employed local who works in the mushroom business, had been missing for six days.

Police checks in both Vancouver and Whistler failed to turn up his whereabouts until Kellermann’s landlord told them he was inside his apartment and not responding.

Police arrived at a house on Innsbruck Drive around noon on Saturday and found Kellermann on the floor.

He was taken to the Whistler Medical Clinic and then flown down to Lions Gate Hospital where he was in serious condition.

Police said no one knew where Kellermann was living and stressed the importance of keeping the address on a driver’s license and car insurance papers up-to-date.

Thief gobbled up at Turkey Sale

Police arrested a 40-year-old Lower Mainland man at the Turkey Sale after loss prevention officers hired by Whistler-Blackcomb for the Turkey Sale saw him stuff five ski jackets into his own jacket at Excess Clothing on Thanksgiving Monday.

The man was known to police and security after being caught shoplifting thousands of dollars in ski jackets last season. They recognized him at the Turkey Sale, and followed him to Excess Clothing.

Police say the man had clippers on him in order to cut off the price tags and a plastic bag hidden in nearby bushes to store his stash. Each jacket was worth $580 and the man was charged with theft under $5,000.

Three people were stopped and arrested on Monday for shoplifting at the Turkey Sale.

Turkey Sale organizers estimate they caught eight people over the entire weekend switching tags and shoplifting, which is on par with other years.