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police report

By Amy Fendley On Oct. 25, Mark Lorning Connolly of Whistler was formally charged with sexual assault, under Section 271 of the Criminal Code, as well as unlawfully confining a person, under Section 279. The alleged offence took place on Oct. 24 in Whistler. Sgt. Frank Shedden of the Whistler RCMP, said Connolly was also charged with a third offence for another sexual assault, under Section 271, that allegedly took place in Whistler on Aug. 2. RCMP would not reveal where the offences took place, but indicated there were two separate victims involved. Both victims did not have any relation with the accused. The Whistler RCMP are continuing to investigate these cases and anybody with any information that could assist in the investigations are asked to call the Whistler detachment at 932-3044 or Crime Stoppers at 932-TIPS. On Oct. 1, at 4:30 a.m., the Whistler Fire Department responded to a car fire outside Hoz’s Pub. The car was a blue, two door, 1987 Volkswagen Fox. Evidence found at the scene determined the fire was an act of arson. Const. Warren Tomalty says this was a random act of arson, and that they have suspects. "The car was extensively burnt," said Tomalty. "The golf clubs in the back were melted." Tomalty says there is growing concern regarding adolescent party goers and their partying habits. A large house party held last weekend saw minors aged 12 and 14 as hosts, while all 19-year-olds in attendance were there only as "fillers." Tomalty says teenagers are hosting parties in their consenting parents’ houses and there could be major complications in doing so. "The parents of the kids putting on the party understand there is liquor downstairs," said Tomalty. "And parents are having problems controlling their kids going to these parties. This party on the weekend was very crowded and the house was getting wrecked. We’re asking for common sense, that’s it." One 18-year-old male was taken into custody and held overnight. Being 18, he is an adult, but a minor when it comes to consuming alcohol. "There will be civil litigation if a minor receives liquor from a household and someone is killed," says Tomalty. "There can be serious civil problems. Parents can face charges. "Whistler promotes a party atmosphere and a good time, but residents can expect to be looking at more changes... it is not difficult to stop a field or a pit party. People come to us and tell us where they are."