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Police recover over $20,000 in stolen bikes

Police News: Nightclub manager reportedly assaulted in village


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Using information gleaned from a popular buy-and-sell website, RCMP were able to track down several stolen mountain bikes and a racing motorcycle that were taken from both Whistler and Coquitlam in recent months.

In mid-April, a complainant told police that his Gas Gas 300 TXC trial motorcycle, valued at over $6,000, was stolen from the 4800 block of Spearhead Drive, the same street another complainant reported four high-end mountain bikes were taken from a month later. The estimated value of the four bikes was $20,000, police said.

RCMP eventually learned the goods, which also included a mountain bike reported stolen on May 21 from Coquitlam, were put up for sale online. Police used information from the site to determine the location of the suspects. Officers then conducted surveillance on the suspects, and a search warrant was executed on a West Vancouver residence.

A 32-year-old West Vancouver male and female are now facing numerous charges.

Two men arrested after nightclub manager reportedly 'sucker punched'

The manager of a village nightclub was reportedly assaulted by two intoxicated males who tried to push their way into the club around 1 a.m. on Friday, May 23.

Police were notified of a male who was acting"very aggressively" towards a doorman, pushing and punching him in an attack that witnesses said was "completely unprovoked," according to Whistler RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair.

When the man continued to try and gain entry into the club, the manager came outside and asked him to leave, at which point the suspect shoved and attempted to knee him in the groin. A second male then "sucker punched the manager in the side of the head," LeClair said.

One of the suspects was arrested on the scene, while the other was apprehended a short time later. The suspects are 21- and 25-year-old Whistler males.

Suspects caught red-handed in apparent drug deal outside village club

A group of Whistler males were arrested Sunday, May 25 after officers on foot patrol noticed what appeared to be a drug transaction taking place behind a village nightclub.

While officers were questioning the men, an open flap of cocaine, allegedly belonging to one of the suspects, fell to the ground. A subsequent search uncovered three additional flaps of cocaine on the suspect.

Three men were arrested for trafficking a controlled substance, although one male was later released without charges.

A 26-year-old Whistler man was released from custody with a promise to appear in court, while the other, a 29-year-old Whistler man, was detained awaiting a court appearance.

Surrey man reportedly kicks officer, utters 'anti-police slurs'

Despite his friend's best efforts, a 22-year-old Surrey man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting an RCMP officer on Sunday afternoon.

After 4 p.m., police received word there was a male lying in the middle of Blackcomb Way. Upon attending, officers observed two males on the ground; one appeared to be restraining the other, LeClair said.

An officer approached, at which point, "One of the males looked up at the police officer and kicked her in the right leg, above the knee and then uttered some anti-police slurs," LeClair noted.

The RCMP member suffered minor injuries to her leg.

Dump truck rolls over, loses rock load on Alta Lake Road

A dump truck carrying large rocks tipped over and lost its load before noon on Wednesday, May 27, blocking both lanes of traffic on Alta Lake Road for a short while.

The driver was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre with minor injuries.

"It looks like (the driver) mishandled the corner and then had a shift, and sort of zigged and zagged, and on the zag he rolled over onto his side, dumped his load and blocked the entire road," said Eric Berger, a Whistler photographer who arrived on the scene near the Whistler Cemetery shortly after the accident.