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Police Briefs

Arrest for possession of marijuana


A Whistler man is facing criminal charges for possession of marijuana after he was stopped for speeding. The officer smelled a strong marijuana odour in the car and further investigation showed the 22 year old exhibited signs of having smoked the drug.

A bag containing 55 grams of marijuana was also found.

He was arrested immediately and issued a 24-hour suspension of his driver’s licence.

The man has been released and will appear in court in North Vancouver at a later date.

Open liquor in Whistler parks prohibited

Local RCMP and Bylaw Services want to remind people that it is against the law to possess open liquor in public places. Both organizations will be enhancing their coverage of the parks all summer to monitor the situation as they receive hundreds of complaints from park users each summer about this issue.

Violators could face a fine of up to $100.