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Plump ā€™nā€™ chunks

Longtime UK breakbeat duo heads to Whistler for Canadian debut



Who: Plump DJs

When: Wednesday, Aug. 5, doors at 9:30 p.m.

Where: Maxx Fish

Cost: $20 in advance at Hot Buns and Maxx Fish

Lee Rous and Andy Gardner have been in the music game for a long time, as both DJs and producers, though they're probably better known as simply the Plump DJs. In fact, the duo first teamed up more than 12 years ago, becoming one of the innovators and icons in the world on nu skool breaks in the process.

Gardner had already established himself in his own right as a producer on Freskanova Records, though at the time he was known as Bowser and Cut & Paste. He then started DJing regularly at one of London's hottest club nights, which was promoted by Rous.

On the flip size, Rous was eager to spend a bit more time in the studio. The pair already knew one another quite well from the local music scene and figured their respective strengths and talents would offer a great mutual complement.

"We were listening to house music then, and hardcore, and I think our progression through house music led us down some paths we didn't really want to go," Rous mused. "The music sort of really, in our scene at the time, had lost its attitude, become very sort of cheesy and glam."

They envisioned making music with more attitude, so they began experimenting with old electro and hip hop,and integrating break dance into their live shows. Today, they're still going strong, pumping out fresh, new electronic hits.

"We both grew up with the hip hop of the '80s and our passion for that really was the thing that drove us to the nu skool breaks genre, really, that I suppose that, in part, we were responsible for creating."

They released their first double single, dubbed Plump Chunks/Electric Disco on Finger Lickin' Records back in 1999, immediately garnering support and positive feedback from big names in the industry like Pete Tong and the Chemical Brothers.

"That was amazing, because you never get into music thinking you're going to succeed, you only hope, so to get those great reactions quite early on was super," Rous said.

The very next year, they released A Plump Night Out , their first album on Finger Lickin' and Nettwerk , which stayed locked in at the top DJ magazine breakbeat charts for three weeks. To date, they've released over five bodies of music, which include a mixture of compilation projects for the likes of Mixmag and Fabric, combined with their own independent artist albums.

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