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plow brief

Snow plows ask for room Whistler’s snow plow drivers are ready for this early snowfall, but they’ll only get by with a little help from motorists. Cars parked legally and illegally on both sides of the streets make it difficult for plows to clear the roads, and are in danger of being damaged by other vehicles. The Resort Municipality of Whistler asks all drivers to remember the following: Parked cars are allowed only on the even side of the street after 5 p.m. Between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., parking on the even and odd side of the street is not allowed. There is no parking allowed on the odd side of the street an any time. If you are parked in a legal position on the road, be sure your vehicle is clearly marked and visible to snow clearing crews at all times. When driving, do not pass a snow plow and don’t follow closer than at least three car lengths behind a snow plow. A plow needs considerable distance for stopping. Drivers are also reminded Whistler RCMP will now enforce a new municipal law regarding snow tires, and to carry chains in vehicles at all times. "The first thing we’ll do is put up signs that say: ‘Good winter tires or chains must be carried in your car at all times," or something to that effect," said Const. Lee Hamilton, who heads the traffic division in Whistler. "Before now, it prevented us from ticketing people. So this gives us one more tool. The thing is, people think a two-year-old, all season radial will do the job, but that’s a crappy snow tire. If the tread is 3.5 millimetres, it’s legal but that’s a crappy tire." Patterson says new all-season radials are adequate, and have a tread depth of 12-16 millimetres. But the definition of a snow tire is as follows: "When it’s advertised as a snow tire, or if it says the tire is good in snow and mud, then that’s acceptable as a snow tire," Patterson said. The RCMP will also now be ticketing drivers who leave their car engine running with the keys in the ignition and they are not physically in the car. "It takes a shorter amount of time to steal a car than it does to drop off a video at Video Update," Patterson added. Finally, pedestrians are asked to help out by using sidewalks this winter, and avoiding on-coming snow plows at all times.