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Playing favourites

Squamish district and chamber host best business contest



The clamour for greatness is never ending. Strategies are tooled, campaigns are waged, and glory is coveted. It's all a part of the human condition.
Hip to all that, the Squamish Sustainability Corporation (SSC) and the Chamber of Commerce (COC) have launched Squamish's first annual Local Business of the Year Award. The nominations are in, and they range from salacious - Trinity Romance - to hygienic - Aarm Dental Group.
"So now that the nominations are finished up and anyone in the area, visitors or residents, is encouraged to go online and vote for their favourites. The voting will be running until Jan. 28, and the various winners are going to be announced at the Squamish Chamber of Commerce AGM on the 31."
Of the 13 nominated businesses, one will be chosen by a panel of approximately five judges, and those discerning minds will be drawn from the SSC, the chamber and district council. The winner by judiciary decree will get two free tickets to the AGM - worth $200 - as well as a $200 gift certificate for a venue of choice, all the better to host an upcoming business luncheon.
There's also a popular vote component to the contest. Online voters, in their wisdom more infinite than even the most sterling of judiciary panels, are fat with power here, weight they can use to throw a $75 restaurant gift certificate to the proprietors of their favourite business.
And, just to round things out, those who vote also stand to win. A random draw could see someone stroll to Home Depot with a $50 gift certificate.
Find out. To place a vote, visit To buy tickets for the chamber gala, in all its Dirty '30s theme glory, check out