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Planning underway for 20th Cheakamus Challenge


It takes a lot of work to organize an event like the Cheakamus Challenge Fall Classic mountain bike race, most of it volunteer.

That said, the event itself has been a work in progress since its inception in 1982, then called "See Colours and Puke." The route of the race has changed, as have the events surrounding it. The 2001 race, billed as "A Bike Odyssey," continued that tradition, although organizer Grant Lamont would like to use it as the base in future races.

"It all went really well, organizationally everything was really solid, the course was fabulous and everybody had a good race," says Lamont.

"We did everything we wanted to do this year, which is to really tighten things up organizationally – with the limited resources that we do have.

"We’re going to run with the same course next year, and basically the same programs."

With the course and programs set, the organizers are freed up to promote and grow the race, and raise its profile outside of the local mountain bike community.

"Our main focus for next year is to get more support and get way ahead of ourselves in the marketing aspect. Our marketing locally and in the corridor is pretty good, now we have to find partners. Or if we can’t find anyone to do it for us, we need to find someone who can contribute funding to it so we can do the work we need to get it up to that level," Lamont explains.

Ride01, which pairs groups of kids aged 10 to 15 with pro riders will be back next year, as will the Cheaky Awards, and – hopefully, says Lamont – P-Nut’s Wild Ride in Squamish.