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Pique’s first serial story needs a Final Solution


The call is out for authors to produce the last chapter of the Collective Novel

Pique’s first serial story needs a Final Solution

Eight thrilling chapters to date, the final chapter only two weeks away, and the suspense is intense… How will the story end?

Justice? Retribution? Weddings? Funerals? Will the murders be solved?

It’s up to you!

As the Collective Novel story unfolds each week, the Pique, the Vicious Circle and the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival invite all readers to get pens poised to scribe the final chapter.

All writers are eligible to be considered, even those who have submitted previous chapters. The winning chapter will be published in the Pique on Mar. 27. The author will receive a limited edition copy of the complete published work.

All alternative endings submitted will be viewable online, giving the public a chance to vote on their favourite submission.

Entries should be no longer than 1,000 typed words, and must be sent to lrichardson@watermarkinc.ca by Sunday, Mar, 23 2008 to be considered.

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