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Sept. 13-19

Very Superstitious—So it’s here, another one of those Friday the you-know-what.

But where did the superstition come from?

Most historians link the numeric significance with two opposite ends of the theoretical spectrum: pagan folklore or Christian philosophy. Contemporary historian Alec Gill, who wrote five books on the history of trawling in Hull, UK, studied the Yorkshire Wolds area.

Inhabitants there considered Friday the "devil’s day" and 13, the unluckiest of numbers. At one point the two thoughts were merged, supposedly c.1913.

Meanwhile the pagan calendar year has 13 "lunar months," thus 13 was considered by some a sacred number.

Christianity-side, one can look at 13 seats at the Last Supper and additional biblical references.

Whether you stepped on a crack or looked twice at a Whistler hotel elevator button today, superstitions carry into urban and mountain myths. But did you know every month with a Friday the 13 th must have a Sunday the 1 st ? Watch the ladder!

Friday, Sept. 13


Who: WDC

Where: Moe Joe’s

Whistler’s favourite cover band, Whole Damn County, rocks your world, tonight and tomorrow night.

Who: Gar band

Where: Maxx Fish

Rock night with DJ Tiny Elvis and band Gar. Gar band is playing their guitar-driven rock ’n’ roll show.

Who: Blue Steel

Where: Crystal Lounge

Funky acoustic and slow ballads from the local duo Blue Steel. Conversational-level music at the copper topped tables of the lounge, tonight and Saturday.

Who: Bowen Boys

Where: Dubh Linn Gate

Live music revelry and foot tapping music from the Bowen Boys.

Who: Jay Brown and the White Guy

Where: Merlin’s

For the last pay day party of the summer, Jay Brown and the White Guy strut their stuff at Merlin’s.

What: Das Boot Ballet

Where: Boot Pub

Live adult entertainment, Fridays at the Boot Pub.


What: Fresh Fridays with DJ R3

Where: Garfinkel’s

Getting fresh this evening? Local spinster DJ R3 plays a mix of mainly hip hop (Eminem to Swollen Members), with a touch of R&B, every Friday night. Live mixing some nights. Turn-tabling delights, all the time, every week.

Who: T.G.I.F. with DJ Deadly Cam

Where: Tommy Africa’s

What: Hip Hop & Reggae Attack

A blend of hip-hop, old school hip hop and reggae. This young virtuoso brings to Tommy’s his unmatched enthusiasm for this genre of music. T.G.I.F, Thank God it’s Friday, Cam has named his night as he feels his buddies and fly girls need a night to call their own…. This is it!