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>>> Sept. 6-12

Friday, Sept. 6


Who: WDC

Where: Moe Joe’s

Live local rock at Moe’s, check out Whistler’s best live band on the rise with killer cover tunes and even better originals.

Who: Rob Thompson

Where: Crystal Lounge

Live music from Rob Thompson tonight, solo on guitar at conversationally comfy level.

Who: Murphy’s Lagh

Where: Dubh Linn Gate

Celtic covers and originals from band Murphy’s Lagh.

Who: Cameron Chu

Where: Bearfoot Bistro

Contemporary jazz from Chu. Casual and conversational-level jazz.

What: Rock Night

Who: Gar band

Where: Maxx Fish

Gar band plays guitar with their driven rock and roll show. DJ Tiny Elvis too.

What: Das Boot Ballet

Where: Boot Pub

Live adult entertainment, Fridays at the Boot Pub.


What: Fresh Fridays with DJ R3

Where: Garfinkel’s

Local spinster DJ R3 plays a mix of mainly hip hop (Eminem to Swollen Members), with a touch of R&B, every Friday night. Live mixing some nights. Turntabling delights, all the time, every week.

Who: T.G.I.F. with DJ Deadly Cam

Where: Tommy Africa’s

Hip hop and reggae attack a blend of old school and funk. Staffers say "this young virtuoso brings to Tommy’s his unmatched enthusiasm for this genre of music. Thank god it’s Friday… this is it!

Who: DJ Peacefrog

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

Peacefrog with familiar tunes from the latest Top 40 charts.

Who: DJ Derek

Where: Savage Beagle

A mix of Top 40 hits tonight and Saturday.


Where: Havana Lounge

Located above Castro’s Cuban Cigar Store in the St. Andrew’s Building, for estate coffees, decadent desserts and film screenings. Open Thursday-Sunday, 5 p.m. to midnight. Relax in leather couches while enjoying classic Hollywood movies.

Where: Citta’

Looking for someone? Citta’s central location attracts locals and visitors as traditionally the best people watching spot in Village Square. Enjoy a variety of pints on tap and chat about the ball game. Open for lunch; low key candlelight dining upstairs into the summer evening.

Where: The Brew House

Brew House tunes are always hopping, from morning to night. Outdoor patios make for great people watching in the village. Near all the bars, clubs and shops in between Marketplace and Village Square.

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