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What: Service Industry Night

Where: Moe Joe’s

Locals’ night in the shoulder season.

Tuesday, June 11


What: Open Mic

Where: Amsterdam Pub

Open Mic with your host Randy of Whistler Music. Play live in the Pub with some of the best local musicians in Whistler.

What: Das Boot Ballet

Where: Boot Pub

See Friday’s listings.


What: Spare Grooves with Mat the Alien

Where: Maxx Fish

Mat the Alien and Kilo Cee every Wednesday night. Whistler’s premier hip hop spot. Two DJs, four turntables and incredible ease.

Who: DJ Seanski

Where: Savage Beagle

Hip hop beats from Seanski.

Wednesday, June 12


Who: Slow Nerve Action

Where: Tommy Africa’s

Up and coming music stars debut at Tommy’s tonight. Check out the band and their very own brand of porn funk. They play songs from their CD The Soap of Beautiful Women. Surprise stage antics and innuendo always part of the show.

Who: Guitar Doug

Where: Dubh Linn Gate

As the sun goes down, Doug plays a variety of songs on a variety of guitars. Live, live, live with a smile and a ballad this evening.

What: Weekly Euchre Tournie

Where: Hoz’s Pub

Go cards crazy! 7 p.m. start, weekly cash prizes too.

What: Das Boot Ballet

Where: Boot Pub

For the voyeur in you, ladies, men and little boy fantasies.


Who: Boogie Café with DJ Czech

Where: Garfinkel’s

DJ Czech spins beats for you, apres-ski and into vinyl mode.

Who: DJ Diamond Doug

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

A diamond in the ruff or a sparkling, well-cut jewel?

What: Spare Grooves

Where: Maxx Fish

Mat the Alien and Kilo Cee bring you Whistler’s hip hop with incredible ease.

Who: Guest DJs

Where: The Shack

Acid jazz, disco and retro on tap.

Who: Def Star Dub with Mr. Wilson

Where: Savage Beagle

Downtempo beats and hip hop this evening.

Who: DJ Tone Ballone

Where: Moe Joe’s

Tone Ballone kicking out the tunes!

Thursday, June 13


Who: Suzanne Wilson

Where: Dubh Linn Gate