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Where: Maxx Fish

Mat the Alien and Kilo Cee bring you Whistler’s hip hop with incredible ease. Two DJs, four turntables, unlimited energy!

What: Wiggle

Where: Savage Beagle

DJ Milton vs. Rabid tonight, bringing you tech house and tribal beats.

Who: DJ Diamond Doug

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

The ICSC Conference continues and Doug is at Bill’s.

What: Play

Where: Tommy Africa’s

Play returns with DJ Shandy Rae.

Thursday, Jan. 24


Who: Xavier Rudd

Where: The Crystal Lounge

Aussie import Xavier Rudd on the didge and guitar. Come get mesmerized.

Who: Guitar Doug

Where: Merlin’s apres-ski

Guitar Doug on hand to accompany your Corona chats, in the round at Merlin’s.

What: Green Room

Where: Maxx Fish

Move to the funky groove of Green Room at Maxx Fish.

Who: Rob Thompson Duo

Where: Dubh Linn Gate

See Friday’s listings.


What: Locals’ Night

Where: Garfinkel’s

Still the best locals’ night 10 years running. Come out for local drink specials. DJ Stoli with guest DJ Erin shake things up down below.

What: Waxed

Where: Savage Beagle

The finest mix of hip hop and deep house, with the finest mix of DJs, at the finest Beagle in the litter.

Who: DJ Peace Frog

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

See Saturday’s listings.

What: Disco Eruption with MC Velvet K!

Where: Tommy Africa’s

The biggest disco night in Vancouver comes to Whistler. Velvet K plays the Commodore Tuesdays in Vancouver. Watch the go-go girls go crazy-crazy.

What: Ladies Night

Where: Moe Joe’s

Looks good, smells good – it’s all good. Get your Moe Joe working at Ladies’ Night.