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Where: Garfinkel’s

See Sunday’s listings.

What: Hip Hop Night

Where: Maxx Fish

Spare Grooves with Matt the Alien and Kilo Cee. Whistler’s premiere Hip Hop night. Two DJs, four turntables, unlimited energy.

What: Wiggle

Where: Savage Beagle

Amateur tracks – open turntables from 9 to 11 p.m., then DJ Milton brings down the house.

What: Dance night for all your local staffers

Where: Moe Joe’s

Cut loose and tie one on at this underground dance cave.

Who: DJ Diamond Doug

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

See Tuesday’s listings.

Thursday, Dec. 6


Who: Leanne and Kyla

Where: Dubh Linn Gate

See Friday’s listings.

Who: Downtown Jay Brown and the White Guy

Where: The Shack

Night Fever runs rampant. Whistler’s own Jay Romany with Rajan Das & Mike Lavoie play Charlie Handsome Cat and Bee Gees tunes from the recesses of your mind. Seventies revival every Thursday through the season. See article.

Who: Local jam night

Where: Boot Pub

It’s open mic night. Come jam with musicians from around the valley. C’mon, you know you wanna.


What: Ladies’ Night

Where: Moe Joe’s

All for the women. Ladies’ night looks good, smells good, it’s all good.

What: Waxed

Where: Savage Beagle

DJ Milton with a mix of hip hop and deep house.

Who: DJ Laurent de St. Laurent and Kid Kio from Tokyo

Where: Black’s Pub

See Friday’s listings.

Who: DJ Rich

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

See Tuesday’s listings.

What: DiscoRama

Where: Tommy Africa’s

Vancouver’s biggest disco night comes to Whistler.

What: Locals’ Night

Where: Garfinkel’s

Still the best locals’ night 10 years running. DJ Stoli with guest DJ Erin shake things up down below.

Who: DJ R3 & HP Saucy

Where: Maxx Fish

Where: Amsterdam Pub Café

Warm up at the pub and then kick it off downstairs at Got Snow.