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What : Magnum Opus Monday

Where : Tommy Africa’s

It’s your weekly fix of Duran Duran and Donna Summer. Eight years and running for this retro party.

Who : DJ Peace Frog

What: 8-Ball Tourney

Where : Buffalo Bill’s

The eight week competition continues with weekly cash prizes. You could win the grand prize of a season ski pass.

What : ESCAPE with Trinity Productions

Where : Savage Beagle

Sexy, funky beats served up Whistler style. Fresh national and international DJs every week

Tuesday, Oct. 2


Who : Rob Thompson Duo

Where : Dubh Linn Gate

Always crowd pleasers with their upbeat Celtic and contemporary tunes.

What : Das Boot Ballet

Where : The Boot

See Friday’s listings.


What : Jungle ’n Breaks

Where : Tommy Africa’s

JnB Productions is bringing in some of the hardest hitters on the west coast. Jungle Souldier are turning out fresh vibes for this new locals’ night.

Who : DJ Seanski

Where : Savage Beagle

Come see why this is the longest running hip hop night in the resort.

What : Disco Night

Where : Moe Joe’s

There’s cash to be won for your sequins and bell bottoms. Blondie and the Bee Gees await you on the dance floor.

Who : DJ Rich

Where : Buffalo Bill’s

Top 40 rock on the dance floor, pool and virtual reality games… a full night of entertainment.

Wednesday, Oct. 3


Who : Slow Nerve Action

Where : Moe Joe’s

Our porn funk boys are making the rounds to all the bars this week as a warm up to their six-week tour. Come check ’em out one more time before they hit the road. See article.

What : Open Mic Night

Where : Second Cup

This coffee house opens its floor to local musicians. Whistler Music supplies the mics and amps. Bring your instruments and expect good vibes.