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Friday, Sept. 21


What : Live Wire Friday

Who : Nashville Pussy, Thor

Where : Garfinkel’s

So you think it’s pretty quiet in Whistler right now? It’ll be anything but quiet tonight at Garf’s! Thor is the god of thunderous rock and roll. (see article) Nashville Pussy is a Grammy-nominated rock machine, known for its sexually-charged and rowdy entertainment.

What : Sea to Sky Film Festival

Where : Eagle Eye Theatre, Squamish

13 outstanding short films from around the world will be showcased back to back with a winner selected at the end of the evening. Filmmakers, directors and producers will be on hand to speak about their productions. Showtime is 7 p.m. sharp. (see article)

Who : Whole Damn County

Where : Moe Joe’s

These local boys will have you rocking with your favourite hits and a few originals destined to become hits.

Who : Groove Junky

Where : Crystal Lounge

This cosy lounge has all the feel of home, except the beer is on tap and the music is live.

Who : Steve and Jeff

Where : Dubh Linn Gate

Grab a Guinness and enjoy some contemporary rock and party music.

Who : Cameron Chu Jazz Trio

Where : Bearfoot Bistro

Enjoy these seasoned musicians with a glass of wine from one of the best selections in town.

Who : Brian Lyster

Where : Zeuski’s

Classical flamenco and instrumental rock to complement your dining experience.

What : Das Boot Ballet

Where : The Boot Pub

Lovely ladies in the flesh… and not much more!


Who : DJ Chris Viner

Where : Tommy Africa’s

Get saucy on the dance floor with Latin-influenced production and pumpin’ percussion.

Who : DJ Rabid

Where : Savage Beagle

Open-toed sandals meets baggy jeans… a mix of people and music to keep you entertained all night.

Who : DJ Little T

Where : Maxx Fish

Little T is the Friday night favourite with a great line-up of funky house.

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