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Save our hoodies



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"Oh what is it about you that makes me so jolly?

Is it your fifty cotton or your fifty poly?"

Hoodies have come a long way from Sandler’s red hooded sweatshirt days.

Now we have zippers, we have different fabrics, and a range of colours from which to choose.

I’m writing this column in a navy blue velour-type hoodie. It’s not too big, or too small. It’s not too bulky, or too thin. It’s just right.

Is it my favourite hooded sweatshirt? That’s a tough one.

I’ve got a really cozy pink hoodie. I have a nice crisp white one too. And of course, I’ve got a handful of the traditional sweatshirt hoodies and feel the same way about them as Sandler does out his red hooded sweatshirt. I love them. Hard to pick a favourite and even harder to imagine a country would want to ban this wardrobe staple.

My boyfriend has a grey hooded sweatshirt that he rarely takes off. He wears it to work where it gets dusty and sometimes dirty. With a little shake, the hoodie is good to go for dinner and drinks. He wears it reno-ing in the house. He wears it walking the dog. He wears it camping. He wears it in the rain. He sometimes wears it skiing.

He gets mad when I dare ask if I can wash the hoodie – that’s how much he loves his grey hooded sweatshirt. It just doesn’t feel right when it’s fresh out of the laundry.

"My mom bought you when I was just 13,

the brightest red sweatshirt I ever seen.

She got an extra large so I wouldn’t grow out,

"That’s too big for you!" the other kids would shout.

But we stuck together, we didn’t quit,

and now the children say, "What a perfect fit."

It’s only when we go to Vancouver that we realize not everyone feels the way about the hoodie as we in Whistler do. I don’t care. Let them have their designer shirts and savvy button down silks.

We know there’s a certain unique beauty to the hooded sweatshirt and that is its versatility. You can wear a hoodie anywhere – except shopping in England apparently.

Well the English can keep their malls hoodie-free I say as long as we don’t get so heavy handed here in Whistler, blaming the hoodie for our social ills. Long live the hoodie.

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