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This week I was sent out on an assignment to the middle of Lost Lake Park, right into the heart of the Tin Pants trail.

The purpose: to take a picture of a municipal bench dedication.

I’ve got to be honest. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the prospect of trudging high into Lost Lake, faced with the very real possibility of getting lost in a maze of trails.

But I set off on my assignment without a word of complaint. It is part of my job after all, just as some of those marathon long council meetings on Monday nights, which seem to go on and on ad infinitum, are part of my job too. Those, however, I feel somewhat justified in complaining about.

And so I set off for Lost Lake.

As I slipped up the trails I really did try my hardest to focus on the sun beating down on the trees, the fresh fall air and the good healthy exercise.

Instead, I’m ashamed to admit, I was consumed with thoughts of the snow creeping into my shoes, the bottom of my pants getting more and more soaked, and the yawning list of things still to do back at the office. Truth be told, I was finding it difficult to appreciate nature and it was getting harder and harder not to resent this assignment.

I was one of the first ones to make it to the bench, a little flushed and a lot out of breath, but it gave me time to find out a little more about my assignment before the rest arrived.

Here’s the scoop.

Rosamary and Alan White, a retired Whistler couple, have been volunteering for the past decade at the Lost Lake cross country trails. They have been volunteering every season since the volunteer program began. They also volunteer for the summer Valley Trail Patrol Program.

In honour of this tireless service to the community, the municipality wanted to dedicate a bench to them in one of the most scenic spots in the Lost Lake trails overlooking the village below.

The inscription said:

‘Live Like It’s Heaven On Earth’

Alan & Rosamary White

Lost Lake Cross Country’s Inspiration

The motto is one of Rosamary’s favourites.

As soon as I read the dedication, I got that tingly feeling inside and thoughts of my wet shoes quickly disappeared.

Sure, on the face of it, this was a simple and, dare I say it, boring municipal bench dedication.

At its heart, it was about so much more than that.