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For too long we’ve been neglecting our best customers. Adrenaline junkies with $5,000 in gear stowed in the back of their $2,000 trucks. Families that drove less than four hours to get here. Young people who are sick of beach vacations. Older people from the city who are looking for some fresh air, a nice view and a bit of an adventure. The people that have been coming here for 30 years and remember when the town was a haven for freewheeling ski bums and hippies.

We need to stop picking their pockets if we want to keep our best customers coming back. Sales and package deals are only a patch, a temporary fix until we can get a handle on making this place affordable again.

Let’s face it. Most visitors come here for the mountains, the recreation and our reputation as a fun place to be – none of which has anything to do with boutique stores, five star hotels, and $3 million ski chalets. Move Whistler to the middle of the prairies and nobody would come here.

Deep down I know that wealthy people come here for the same reasons that everyone else does. If they stop coming to Whistler because it means rubbing elbows with people who work hard for their money, then I don’t think we want them as customers in the first place.