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I don’t keep any talismans around me on a regular basis but a few years ago when a family member was very sick and we were spending a lot of time in the hospital, I kept a little good luck charm close to me at all times.

My friend had given me a small stone that said "strength". Every morning I put that little stone in my pocket and I would put it in the palm of my hands when we were talking to the doctor.

There was something about that little stone that just made me feel better and safer.

(To think of all the money I could have made had I started picking up smooth stones from the ground and writing inspirational words on them!)

After our ordeal in the hospital I passed that stone onto another friend who was also going through some tough times. It had served me well and I felt better knowing she had my stone.

That must have been the same way my mom felt when she gave me a little gold angel to pin on my jacket about 10 years ago.

She’s not normally very sentimental like that so the present took me by surprise. I realized it was a way to make her feel better as she watched me get on the plane for university.

I’d like to think that she thought the angel could watch over me while I was hard at work in the library or slogging through lengthy term papers but realistically, she was probably hoping that angel could help see me home safely from the bars every weekend.

Unfortunately my parents have absolutely no illusions about how I spent the bulk of my university career.

I don’t know what happened to that little gold angel but if its job was to protect me and keep me safe from harm, then it worked like a charm. I made it through university fairly unscathed with only a few minor mishaps along the way.

For my mom it was a last ditch effort to keep me protected as I left the nest.

The only thing that little gold angel could do was give her a small measure of hope that someone or something was watching over me when I was far away from her own watchful eyes.

These good luck charms are our way of trying to control a situation that we really have absolutely no way of controlling. It’s our way of covering all our angles to make sure nothing goes wrong.