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Preparing to get back on the saddle



Just think about it, in about one more month we’ll be mountain biking in Whistler again.

The thought fills me with incredible excitement as the countdown gets underway. But I have to admit there’s definitely an element of dread too.

I shudder to think of the climb up Tunnel Vision or the road up to Shit Happens. How many times will I have to get off my bike on that first climb? It doesn’t even bear thinking about right now.

Then there’s the whole issue of the bike seat and my butt. Sitting at my desk is going to take on a whole new meaning after my first few rides. Even my new padded gel seat isn’t going to do much as I break in my butt for the season.

Last year I made the mistake of boldly vowing to compete in every single Loonie Race. This year my goal is to get through the first Loonie Race with a little more grace and style.

It better not be the Green Lake Loop.

I’m desperately praying for the Green Lake Loop to be scratched from the whole Loonie Race roster. It’s not a pleasant ride in the middle of the season, never mind the first race of the year.

Last year the Green Lake Loop almost broke me. It was my first Loonie Race ever and let me tell you, it took a lot of convincing for me to show up for week two.

The race started off all right. I was nervous but looking forward to getting it over and done with. It was my first time on the trail and I had no idea what to expect. The only thing that had me a little worried is that people tended to groan when they talked about the Green Lake Loop.

Two minutes into the ride my chain fell off. I should have realized it was an omen and turned back right there but I forged ahead.

When I first got into the single track I started to panic. I was having a little trouble and holding a few people back. There’s nothing worse than screwing up in the single track when a crew of people are chomping at the bit waiting to overtake you.

When the trail opened up a little more I was starting to enjoy it. And then the climbs began. It seemed as though it was never going to end.

Like every Loonie Race I was encouraged along the way by my fellow racers and at the point where I was almost ready to give up and turn back I realized I had no choice but to keep going.